Enjoy the nature, discover it with us

Tuscany is famed for its astoundingly rich history and abundance of natural wonders; the local products are of world-renowned quality, produced by the passion and dedication of its locals to historical traditions. In Tuscany, age-old customs, knowledge and wisdom live on in uncontaminated scenarios of breath-taking beauty.

To uphold the standards of such a noble tradition, we are dedicated to the cultivation of organic blueberries and the raising of traditional species of pigs, specifically from the area of Siena and renowned all over the world (maiali di cinta Senese), in such a way that we bring honour to this important history, of which we are guardians and heirs.
For this reason, since the beginning of our business, we have chosen to practice ecologically friendly farming and raising of animals.

We have opened the doors of our hospitality structure, the holidays farm La Ripa, nestled in the green hills between Siena and Pisa, to visitors who wish to experience the beauty and purity of uncontaminated countryside and local history.

Our Cinta Senese pigs