Once upon a time…

Our farm was born many years ago, when we grew cereals, we produced oil and wine too, traditional crops in Tuscany, beside being shepherds. We loved our job, our land and its products, but, since 90s, we begun to think that we’d like to share our home with other people, to work for and with them. So in 1996 we turned our homestead into an holiday farm.

We didn’t like creating an hotel in farm holiday’s clothing: there are so many places like that, our idea was to give hospitality to travelers who want know the true nature of Tuscany. So we refurbished all buildings and opened our holiday farm. Now we have three detached houses for our guests who can spend their holiday in a true Tuscan farmhouse.

We changed crops too: in fact now we till organic blueberries and breed a Cinta Senese pigs. This protected designation of origin, labels a local kind of pigs breed reared in the wild or semi-wild and fed with organic fodder.